A website that is exclusively for Kansas City’s Northland that can provide your establishment with the promotional visibility you need to get people in the front door. Does your business have a great happy hour or daily special, but your website and local coupons are not getting the traction you would like to see?

Here’s the scoop. . .

You’ve got a niche group of people who’ve already decided they want to go to happy hour somewhere. What do you want to tell them?

We’ve already done the tough part – that is, influenced Northlanders that happy hour is where they want to be. They’re already sold on the idea and all that it entails – be it drinks and appetizers, daily specials, or events that put them in a state of mind.

So, now it’s up to you to help them make decisions – where to go for the best specials!!

On the web. . .

When you advertise at, your messages goes directly to people who need to see it and want to see it, not to thousands of people outside your target audience.

Get your money back in the time it takes to have your first happy hour drink . . .

If your ad draws JUST ONE ADDITIONAL PATRON to your business, you can make back the cost of today’s ad space – from just one bar tab or purchase. And we’ve got thousands of these additional people visiting our website, so you could make a return on your investment many times over.


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